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Great Deal On This Ss

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Is this suppose to be a clone or a Nigerian scam? I literally talked to three scammers yesterday. The first was for a 2007 GSXR600. The "lady"sent me about 10 pictures after asking for more and about the title. She/HE said her husband died 3 months ago and she wanted to sell it ASAP! That if I wanted to take out loan or finance to not bother.I said no problem I will come with cash THIS VERY SECOND! She/he then said well I just moved back to my home state of Utah so we would have to ship it to were it was listed. She said her brother had a sewing machine business and we could use his shipping company. After a bunch of other BS I message her from my other email address and said "Hey, I live in Utah and can be at your house in 25 minutes with cash in hand." She said it was in a completely different state and they could ship it to me in Utah with a bunch more laughable excuses.


The next and best was on an R6. I said the whole spill about title etc. He then replies with a whole page story about how his son died in Afghanistan 3 months ago and how hard it is for him looking at the bike and he wants it gone this second. That he hopes I understand what toll this had on his family. I need to let him know were I am located and we can do the transaction. I said "Yes, I understand and I will be at your house in 10 minutes , I live one city away. I will only do face to face interactions." He then replies the bike was just relocated to Louisiana but he can ship it if I send him money today.I said I only live an hour or so away that I could be there with cash in no time. Then said he was no comfortable doing face to face interactions because he had been robbed before. I told him he should carry a firearm because I would be doing the same for my protection.He keeps demanding I send my info and payment. Ended up telling him to suck it. I knew it was a scam but decided I would have a little fun with him.

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