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Harmonic Balancer Removal.. Plase Help!

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hey guys,

after having oiling probs this week i decided to change the oil pump. I got the balancer bolt out but i cant for the LIFE of me gett the harmonic balancer off. i removed the bolt, and tried using the 3 jaw puller on the inside and the outside but when i use it on the inside it just slips off the flat spots and the outside wont line up. im literally at my wits end here and if i cant get it offim probably just gonna put it back together and trade the damn thing in. I love the truck but like i said i dont have time to dick with this and need to either get it off or get rid of the truck because i need my truck for work monday. ANY help would be appreciated.




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Sorry to hear man. id personally try a different puller. they are a pain to get off they are on there good. i have removed a few and its a work out. hope you get it all figured out. sorry to hear about your troubles.

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TBH getting the pulley off is the easy part.

That is if you use the right tools. Are you using a good quality 3 jaw puller? Have the fingers grab the INSIDE close to the shout ONLY. You can break or bend the pulley by doing it on the outside. Use your old balancer bolt, and thread it a few threads in. Position the puller inside the pulley, and align the pullers bolt to the balancer bolt head. Hopefully you have a longer balancer bolt to get it all the way off, because you will have about 1/2" left to go on the snout and the bolt will be right up against the pulley. Assuming you have a longer bolt for the removal and install, the pulley will slide right off hopefully. Do not reuse the old balancer bolt either. It is a stretch to yield bolt. Some have with no problems, but it's only $5 so replace it.


The worst part is getting to the oil pick up tube bolt that goes to the oil pump. Removal and install are a PITA but a 10mm flexhead gearwrench is a life saver. I came up with some handy little tricks for it but it still hurts the fingers. BTW you do have to loosen up the oil pan, and let it drop down about a half inch to get access to the bolt. Make sure you go by the manual on torguing the bolts too.


What oil pump are you using? Make sure you have the RED o-ring for the pump to pick up tube. DO NOT reuse the old o-ring. Triple check the oring for being in the pump and not being pinched, or you will be doing this again after you start it up.

Hope this helps.


I also hope the pump fixes the problem.

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Do this,Grind the washer looking part off of your balancer bolt so that it fits into the hole of the balancer,so the balancer can pass over it while you pull it off with the 3 jaw puller! You will have to grind the bolt until all thats left is the actual head of the bolt and the whole washer looking part is gone,then you can pull it right off! really easy this way! and then keep the bolt around in case you need to do it again some time!

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