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New Truck Pics


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nice truck! where'd you get your grill from? I've been looking for one just like it



funny story, i actually bought 2 different grills like mine. when i bought the truck it was silver. i wanted a black one so i bought 1 didnt fit so i got another...didnt fit i ended up just getting the silver one thats on it now power coated, but the link below is one that i bought and it was really nice just didnt fit because the guy before me cut out the old grill brackets. so it should work with your truck,unless you removed the old hook up spot. this one does come with the 3 pieces just not the duct pieces...



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thanks man, cool pic on the dock. i like that flush mount cover you have, havent seen to many of those..price/company?


wish i knew lol came with the truck when i bought it

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