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Thermostat Question

Silverad0 SS

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I've been running 160* stats in all of my vehicles, here in the northeast, for years, always with good results. As mentioned, a retune is a must, or you may experience poor fuel economy and a rich biased af ratio. As for winter time, this is actually when I like the 160* stat the most, since the stat opens sooner, the coolant therefore circulates sooner, and the heat comes up very quickly. I've never had a problem with not having enough heat either, think about it, 175-18ish is plenty hot enough to keep your toes warm :D (a 160* will not run at 160* btw, as that's when the stat begins to open) I'm the kind of guy that's always cold, and I usually keep my fan on the 1 or 2 speed setting when the temp is 0* outside, once the heat has come up and I've blasted the cabin to get it warm.

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