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Installed the Volant CAI w/ powercore it's beautiful, LOVE the sound it gives when taking in air, gives a little more whissle to it. Next I cant wait to install the Corsa Sport Exhaust whoop whoop!!







Thanks to Shopman1 here's a new bowtie from him. It's AWESOME!



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very nice. I'm still torn here... K&N or Volant. I really like the way volant looks in there.. have you noticed a difference other than the sound? Ive seen / read all the CAI write ups... still cant decide.


On a side note, the shopman really finishes off the front end of these trucks. Chevy should have done this straight from the factory!

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Volant ALL the way, it's clear as day once you compare the two in person. Hands down, don't hesitate, Volant w/ the powercore. Glad I went with it. Got it on Autoanything.com for 260$ with powercore... 20% discount with military/first time buyer. The sound gives a real nice whissle, you can hear it doing it's job..

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Good deal, you won't be dissapointed! I wonder if the air scoop that goes down to the bottom grill duct makes it any better or just a useless peice?



I wonder the same thing... I'll save the 100 bucks for now and put it twards a tune.

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