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Those With Tuned Pcms


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Just had the truck tuned via in truck tune. REALLY woke the thing up. Totally different truck to drive now.


Just curious on where you guys are setting your shifting at for 1-2 and the 2-3? IIRC we bumped the 2-3 up to 5700 which is where the 1-2 was. If that sounds wrong it could be because I forget what he said it was at factory 1-2.


2003 SSS, CAI. No other mods.



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Tough call.If you have a lot of miles and your springs are getting tired,a lower shift point is better.If the truck stops pulling just before the shift ,then it's too high.Even a couple of hundred RPM lower then it can handle is better then getting into valve float ,which only certain guys could recognize.If you are serious about power and you have over,say,80K then it would be a good investment to buy some LS6 springs.They are cheap.

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