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Front Diff Warranty

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I have read the posts about the whine and realize it is probably the front diff making the noise... Over the weekend i changed the fluid. The old stuff came out grey. No chunks / metal pieces were in the pan but there was a lot of shavings on the magnet. Put Mobil 1 75-90 in it.. noise still there. I have a powertrain warranty from the dealer / NYS for the next month and a half, so my question is... with this whine, is it enough to get coverage on it? the only reason im asking is because the dealer i bought it from is small and 3 hours away from where I live. Any help is appreciated.

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GLAD MY WARRANTY COVERED IT!! I think fluid changes once a year are now in order.

good to hear.. :thumbs:

i don't think anyone has had any more issues with them after a rebuild.. i have my fluid changed about every 15,000 mi. going on 57,000 on my rebuild and still go..


good luck

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OK so after taking my truck in for the rebuild, they diagnosed the problem further after they got the cover off the front diff... They came to conclusion that just the carrier bearings were bad and would not replace all of the bearings. OK i said.. no big deal as long as the growl was gone and they give me an extended warranty on this repair. Done deal - one year coverage on the work. (my limited is up at the end of april)


NOW while turning at low speed, with my foot off the throttle, i hear a growl/grind. When i step on it a bit it, the growl goes away. Should i take it back to them again? Or is this "normal" like they told me over the phone?? Again... im asking because the dealer i bought if from is 3 fricken hours away form me and not open on the weekend for repairs. that = missing ANOTHER day of work


BTW i read pretty much every post on this and just cant make a decision on it being normal or not haha

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Why do you have to take it to that dealer?Aren't warranty repairs covered by any GM dealer?I would take it to another qualified shop and get a second/third opinion before the warranty runs out.For that kinda money I sure wouldn't accept a new noise for an old one.I've worked on a lot of G80 8.5 rears on GNs.We always ran synthetic fluid which usually stopped the clutch chatter on hard right turns.I was told by my rep that the synthetic fluid already had the additive in it.Some cars required an extra bottle of additive.After doing a fluid change I would take the car to a large parking lot and do some tight figure 8s each way and in reverse.This would work the fluid well into the clutch packs.

Good luck.

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Warden- No i bought it from a small dealer, not an actual GM registered shop. They have all of their word done down the street at the Chevy dealer. The warranty is from NYS not GM. So basically im stuck. The dealer i bought it from only covers as much of the work as his Chevy dealer would charge him... which is a shit ton less because of "return business". Took it to a local dealer.. they told me in order to see what is wrong they would have to tear the cover off again... long story short, making that drive again next week. Did the figure 8's and had no change.. Bought RP to put in it after the "break in" for the nnew bearings but im not going to put $40 worth of fluid in there until i have it checked again.



desrtrat- thats what im afraid to hear from them. I'm hoping they will hear it and at least TRY to fix it by replacing the front and back pinion bearings..fingersx.gif i will at least know they are fresh. We will see..




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