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Jotd: Cletus.

Bad Bowtie

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So, Redneck Cletus gets up one morning to go to work. His wife takes one look at him and says, "Cletus, you look bad".


"But I feel good", he replies and off to work he goes.


All day at work everyone keeps telling Cletus how "bad he looks", "but I feel good", he keeps telling everyone all day long.


When he gets home it's the same story.


So he goes to see the Dr. The Dr. takes one look at Cletus and says, "Cletus, you look bad".


"I know" says Cletus, "everyone keeps telling me how bad I look, but I feel good".


"This is a little strange", says the Dr., "I'm going to have to consult the manual on this".


So, looking at the manual, the Dr. says, "looks good, feels good, "no, that's not it; "looks good, feels bad", "no, that's not it either".


"oh, here it is, looks bad, feels good", as he's busy reading what the manual has to say.


Finally, he puts the manual down and says, "well Cletus, according to the book, you're a vagina".



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