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New Source For Hids And Other Accessories

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Well here you go. My buddy is in the process of starting his own business up and one of his sponsors that he picked up has these awesome HIDS!!! He can get you any color you want, Highs lows fogs!!

He can also do car audio installs and can also get other items. I gotta tell you these suckers are BRIGHT!! Super easy to install and they look great.. I bought 8k for the low beams and 6k for my fog lights. The lows have a hint of blue to them where the fogs are whiter. The bulbs are made by XXeon, I was nervous about that color but i got to tell you Im impressed. The other truck is a buddy of mines 07 Duramax with projector lights!!!

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN PRICES LET ME KNOW!!! He can get get HIDS for anything!!! If there is enough interest he might do a group buy!!!!!


post-12300-062930300 1300828965_thumb.jpg

post-12300-009282400 1300828968_thumb.jpg

post-12300-063989600 1300828970_thumb.jpg

post-12300-070263800 1300828975_thumb.jpg

post-12300-047708500 1300828978_thumb.jpg

post-12300-033862100 1300828981_thumb.jpg

post-12300-072423000 1300828983_thumb.jpg

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