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Thinking About Selling.

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Well, like the topic says I am thinking about selling my SS. It has around 53K on it. Have a lot of mods just check my signature. Their probably is more then that since I have not updated it in awhile. It has always been garage kept in the winter and taken out around mid May. I only drive it on nice days and avoid rain when I can. There is more than 15k invested in aftermarket parts and work done probably closer to 20K. Most of the mods are engine work to include but not limited to a supercharger with 3" pulley, Custom head work, comp cam with beehive springs and hardened push-rods, electric fan conversion, full exhaust with cutouts where the cats were, transmission has servos a shift kit and 3000 stall, 4:56 gears front and rear, always used mobile 1 synthetic, and kept clean and waxed all the time. Many nice visuals as well to include cowl hood with pins, tinted windows, fiberglass bed cover with carpeted bed, aftermarket rims. etc.... there is a few others as well..... I am the second owner and have owned this vehicle for 6 years and have done just about everything I possibly can to this vehicle without ripping the motor out again. I am ready to move on to the next toy and probably baby it and repeat. Maybe a viper or vette. If you want to make a profit and spend the time making this baby stock again you'll make over 10K easy in parts. I have most the original parts to include cam and springs, intake, clutch fan, hood, etc.... I am not desperate to get rid of it but if you have a nice trade or offer I can't refuse I am ready (although it may be hard to) let this girl go. I am interested in in Vipers GTS, RT/10 (anything newer is probably to expensive unless you want too), Vettes, older musclecars, No unpainted rusty project cars seriously..lol Thanks.


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