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Fs: Mcgaughy/Djm 2/4 Drop Kit - Complete


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SOLD !!!!





THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DROP SHACKLES AS THE TITLE STATES, i simply can't edit that out of the title. This kit is in very good condition....it's metal. This is all you need to drop the truck minus the shocks and rear drop shackles. Came off of my 03/04 SSS.


$250.00 plus PP fees. I WILL ship this but you'll have to cover the cost. I Will also separate, but only if i can get everything spoken for first. If you want to buy it and don't mind waiting for the SSS/TBSS meet, i'll bring it to you there as well.


If you require pics, i'll be posting them up this weekend. Otherwise, send me your email/cell # and i'll fire off a pic right away.

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Is this kit with the spindles or with the torsion keys up front?




Spindles. You maintain the stock torsion bar/keys.


If you want a 4" drop in the rear you will have to add 2" drop shackles which can be had fairly easily for $30-50. If you want a 3" drop in the front, you easily turn the torsion bolts to the desired effect.

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You need drop shocks. I'll even throw in all 4 belltech NITRO shocks i just pulled off of my SS for $40. Used and unknown mileage as i didn't put them on. They worked fine and will get someone into this setup without having to drop the $200 plus on shocks right away.

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