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03 Ss For $8000


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it's fake.

saw this one on eBay earlier this week and it was going for 13k last i checked the auction so no way the owner would drop it to 8k like that

and it was for sale in the midwest nowhere near Washington

and also the liscence plate in the last pic is blocked out.

that's a clear indication in itself

:icon_bs: nuff' said.. haha

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I think I have talked to 20 scammer on my search for a gsxr 600 or r6 within the past week. When we were looking for a house two years ago we got in touch with a guy about house with pool. Left him our number, he calls from an out of country number saying if we just send him 20% of the full price he would mail us the keys. My girls said you have to be crazy ,then he called her a bitch and hung up. We later seen a post from the actual owner of the house saying that someone was trying to sell his house that was only for rent and left his real number that was from the actual area listed.

There is literally hundreds of thousands of scams on craigslist now days.If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Even though I want to believe its true everytime I see 2,800 for 2009 Gsxr600ughdance.gifughdance.gif

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Why do these guys do this is just so they can spam you when you email them or they think someone will send them money for a down payment and then they disappear?



t's just a quick cash scam.

i've emailed 2 of them before and never get spammed

they all just feed you the same BS story about how they're out of country for business or deployed in the army so they can't personally deliver the truck to you but they will ship it to you at their cost if you MoneyGram them the cash.

it's pretty believable stuff if you don't know how a MoneyGram works

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