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New Hood :)

Big Tim

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eekroar, that is correct. I got the steel hood for 345 + freight. The part number is GMK-4147-200-031.


Shawn, the Keystone hood is a nice piece, but the reason I picked the Goodmark was the fact that the fiberglass hood didn't have the fit and finish I had hoped for. But If the same exact hood came in steel, I'd be all over it in a second. The price is another reason I bought this hood now, as opposed to waiting to afford the keystone.


But now that this hood is on, I think it is subtle enough that those who don't know any better may think it is factory. My dad likes my hood, but has the keystone on his DD, and will probably do the same for the dually eventually.


By the way, Shawn, didn't I see a post about your hood being damaged???

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By the way, Shawn, didn't I see a post about your hood being damaged???


yes but it is very minor. it has a crack in it less that 2 inch long. its super hard to notice. it looks more like a scratch in the paint. it did not crack all the way though the it looks more like it crack the paint but i still want it fixed. to the normal person they wouldnt never see it. but as know to us car guys little things that bugs us. insurance will fix it cause it was damaged by a hail storm. kinda sucks cause it was a super nice day like 80 degrees out and i left the truck outside when i left and came home as it was hailing.

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