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What do you guys think I should do? I recently bought a 2003 ford Mach 1 mustang because I was planning on selling my truck to get something that got better gas mileage. I know it's a ford and i like the car since it is fast as hell, but do y'all think I should stick with the Mach 1 or the SS. The Mach gets 18-26mpg and the SS gets 13-19 mpg. Hope everyone can give me some good advice.

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Is the SS paid for?Personally, I would try to keep both.Since you recently bought the Stang, unless you paid for it up front I'd imagine it would be hard to resell for the amount you owe. You are also asking SSS members if you should sell it, so of coarse everyone is going to tell you to keep your Silver-Otter.Stangs are dime-a-dozen. I can literally count on one hand how many Silvy SS are in my town.Honestly, you can be the only one that decides,because you know if you can financially handle the load. Good luck with your decision, and hope you can keep both.thumbsup.gif

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Mustangs are a dime a dozen for sure but not the mach 1. It would be hard to make the choose, but Id say keep the SS. The SS has alot of room, can haul what you need it to haul, and with a lil cash can get better gas mileage with a tune, and be fast. Just my two cents though.

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sell the SSS.....


transmissions SUCK!!!!!!!!


edit, sell both get a 03-04 cobra and upgrade the blower......




One of my next cars for sure, in ragtop form, with Kenne Belle SC

I spent half an hour on the phone last year with a dealer who always has 6-8 of these 03-04's. Came so close to trading in the truck....

The only factor for me at that time was lack of FT employment has plagued my car habit..... and the wife will never co-sign again until our roof is done first.




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