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Stereo Locked

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Hey fellas, I'm posting this thread hoping someone can help me out unlock my stereo. Stereo was unlocked and worked fine but after I finished installing it and putting the dash cover I turned the ingnition on to shift it down to first gear to have enough clearance but when I shifted down the stereo locked. So if anyone can help me out with any codes to unlock stereos. The stereo I have is from a Silverado SS 6cd changer.




Thanks, Hope some one can help asap!

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Pre 02 truck used lock codes, post 03 needs to be reprogramed by the dealer


Almost better off going aftermarket than spend the cash to unlock IMO. But I understand trying to get the truck looking stock. I would have keep mine stock if it had the 6 disc in it.

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Wait until you try this before going to the dealer. My radio locks up periodically, i then pull the radio fuse out then reseat it, walla, radio unlocked. Let me know if this works for you.

That would probably work for him until the next ignition cycle. That is weird that yours does it, if the radio is the stock one that came in there.

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