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New Pb At The Track


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Went out to an IFO (Import Face Off) event today in Louisiana, actually met some pretty cool people there. Im not big on the whole import scene by any means but there were some pretty quick cars there including two Nissan GTR's and a few more tastefully done imports. And on top of all that it was fun to beat up on some rice burners for the day! Pics and a video to come but for now here's the time slip of my new PB after the Procharger install. Im the right lane, car #12. Best part of the day was not only beating the ricers by a long shot but also getting all the attention and not even being in the car show. I guess an AWD burnout in a truck really turns some heads. I'm very pleased with my times and cant wait to tune for the smaller pulley to see what she's got left in her. Lemme know what you guys think!

Here's a better video that my gf uploaded for me


1st run of the day


2nd run with smaller pulley, not tuned yet for that so lost some time and it spun off the line



3rd run, went back to the bigger pulley but stalled it up on the launch and spun again



Crappy cell phone pic from the stands


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Damn, were in LA was this? I wish I would have known I would of came out.

It looks like you can fit the EG Civic hatch in the bed of your truck. I had one identical but painted it black and white, then switched to the EK hatch.Good timesughdance.gifughdance.gifughdance.gif

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Thanks guys, I'll try to get the video up soon but I warn you it's nothing special, it's a cell phone video. And to answer your question eeek, the track was in Gilliam, LA about a half hour north of Shreveport. I posted a g2g thread about it but I guess no one else wanted to come beat up on any ricers. Haha

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Again - CONGRATS! :thumbs: Any idea what your IATs were?


Mr. P. :)

Nope, not a clue. Would be interesting to see what they were though but I didn't have a way to monitor them. It was around 50-55* out there so the cool weather definitely helped. I think with the smaller pulley, new tune, lighter wheels and tires and a more efficient intercooler setup I can pick up some more decent gains.

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