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Front Suspension Remodel

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got the front suspension buttoned up today after being on jack stand for a week and a half. i also installed the newly powdercoated precision grille's . still waiting on my interior but thats another story :banghead: .

My goal is setting up the trucks suspension up to being fully adjustable . I wanted it to be able to turn and be able to hit the strip with stellar results. im preping for the truckin throwdown so this was something i wanted to do but never had a reason too. i still have the rear to do but that will be in a week or two. im trying to get it ready to attend the meet but thats still up in the air on my interior. parts i used so far


djm upper a-arms

djm lower a-arms

ffr heim tie rods

qa1 double adjustable shocks (swapped t-bar to metal sleeve for use with djm lca's)

stock knuckles painted


while installing i also had to repair some melted wiring and there was quite a bit so this added a day to the labor . i used the dea 2k heat wrap with saftey wire and relocated wiring away from the headers . turbos get hot , really hot they melt everything. i also added some different zerks , as the angle on the djm included one didnt work well for me . i also just got it back from the 3.73 oem gears , tru trac and circle -d multi disk , dare me to break converter.


pics of parts used (all pics are with camera phone)






here is the pics as i installed them











guess i forgot to get them when everything was finished as i had to turn the shocks 180 to clear the adjustment knobs since they hit the c.v. boots and are actually easier to adjust from the inside. here are the pics as i was adjusting the keys to the level i prefered








overall im happy with it , but havent got the alignment yet so as long as thats cool then i will work on adjusting the qa1's


i just finished up my triple pillar i molded to the factory a pillar so it looks alot better, matches the charcoal interior perfect and looks better than the push lock on triple pillar it was made from. also have a c-notch and some 4" and 4.5"steel tube im going to fab some nice d-shaft loops from. Ill be making a new rear upper shock cross member to relocate the rear shocks outward on the axle and having them bost on the back side completely perpendicular to the frame . this will make handling/hooking better along with qa1's back there to hopefully "throwdown at the trucking throwdown" this will undergo as soon as i get it back from the meet. :ughdance:

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i do but i deceided to wait on them since these qa1's will work awesome for what im after. the only reason to go to coil overs would be an progressive spring rate and loosing about 80lbs of steel.


they can be dont pretty easily with a few kits i was looking at , id just have to make a new upper shock mount , not hard but cutting off the stocker would be fun with all the crap that has to be removed.

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yeah i got the alignment done but i need to get new idler and pitman arms as they seem to wear out fast . lucky i still have an idlers i got for my hd and never used so ill get the pitman and that will be this next weeks project. so far so good though . tomorrow i should be throwing the interior back in and gauges to be ready for the g2g. thanks for the compliments

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