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Adams Light It Up Blue Kit

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April is officially Autism Awareness month and in support of Autism Speaks Adam's will be offering this limited edition 'light it up blue' kit. 100% of the proceeds from these kits will go to benefit Autism Speaks, the nations largest Autism science and advocacy organization.


We hope you'll join us in our support of Autism Speaks, the Light It Up Blue Campaign, and the families who are living with Autism throughout the world.


Most of all I personally would like to thank each of you, as a father of a child diagnosed with Autism this month means a lot to me and my family. Your contributions to this fundraiser are truly appreciated and though words can never express the level of my gratitude please know that my family, and families like mine, are so extremely grateful for your support.


- Dylan von Kleist, Detail Advisor & Customer Service / Adam's Polishes



To learn more about Autism Speaks or the Light It Up Blue Campaign please visit their websites:






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Great cause Dylan :pepsicheer: . How long is the shelf life for the products? Reason I ask is my complete right shoulder/arm is MIA for 12-18+ months.

I know if I get it now the I can hear the dr screaming at me already for cleaning the truck, I have to find a good detailer in MA that is willing to use your products.

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if you're interested in getting a kit for charity, but won't have a chance to use it shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out. Perhaps just hold the kit until you're ready to use it.


Most all of our products have a minimum 2 year shelf life, and if they're stored properly (between 40-80*, out of direct sunlight, caps on tight) they'll last even longer than that.

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