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Smashed My Truck !


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well i wish i could say it was april fools..but i smashed my own truck .. the wife has been really sick i took her to the urgent care a couple days ago and they said she probly has H1N1..then she calls sayin shes got worse and needs to go back to urgent care cause she havin a hard time breathing..soo im at work hop in my truck and back up some what quickly.....untill i come to a tire scretching ..metal buckling...parts smashing STOP....i pull back forward get out....anddd apperently i have wayyy to much on my mind latey ( joys of being a business owner ) i forgot i had are dump trailer hooked up to my truck.. and ofcourse by turning quickly it slamed the trailer in to my box..caving the side in..actually putting a whole in the side...bending the bumper and the exaust..it even cut threw the lip of the wheel...but some how didnt touch my tail light?!?!?!


soooo i hang my head and walk in to tell the guys in the shop....might as well get it over with...telling are my assistant mechanic is no longer dumbass of the day..after doing a doughnut in the parking lot with his Diesel F250 and smacking the in to another drivers car....i think i just took his title..haha...


sooo they allllll came out to see what the boss did..and laugh there ass off..along with trying to figure out how the tail light didnt get a mark on it...soooo my knew name at work is now...TAILLIGHT!!

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dan saw the pics on my facebook..its truely ugly!...i guess i cant have anything nice after all..i cant stand even seen this thing in my driveway..ofcourse its the pass side so as soon as i walk out my front door at home thats the first thing i see


its not as bad as kcsilveradoss truck is..but still pretty messed up


pics to come soon as soon as i get home from work

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