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Oem Grill In Street Scene Bumper?


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The ducts will but the middle piece wont. You will have to make a template and trim it up a bit. I did that but just havnt installed it because i dont know if I like the look. Hope this helps

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Ill try and snap some pics for you after work. For the fogs you will have to trim the back part of the duct so the fog lights can reach the mounting holes. The back of the duct on my passenger side was alittle warped so i had to shim the light up a hair. Dunno if all the streetscene bumpers are like that though. Since the lights themselves dont fit in the duct, I also took some black industrial type duct tape, not sure on its actual name, and wrapped it around the light where it meets the duct so they didnt light up the whole under front of the truck. hope this helps you out

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