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Well I've ran long tubes with no cats and a magnaflow 22" dual in/dual out as my exhaust for about 2 years now. I finally got a chance to take my truck out since weathers been nice and I get pulled over because "my exhaust is to loud" I haven't ever been pulled over for this so I don't know why all of a sudden this is an issue but oh well. The question I have for you guys is how can I quiet my exhaust down? I've tried magnaflows resonators but the drone in the cab was incredibly horrible so they had to come off. Im stumped guys any ideas?


I dont think there is a way to quiet down this beast.





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Cut your toes off to make your foot lighter. :jester:
























On a side note, I have a similar set up.......LT's, gutted cats, and a 22" Magnaflow that is dual in/single out, and have never had any noise issues with local law enforcement...

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