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Need Some Wiring Help Here !


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Ok I have a 2004 SSS and was rear ended sometime ago. Since then I have put a Bser roll pan on and got rid of the factory bumper and trailer hitch. Now I am trying to install a new hitch and wiring, but the factory wiring was all smashed up. I had to cut the factory plug off and now all I have is the wiring harness hanging there.. I bought a replacement 7 way from my local store but I cannot find out what wires are what. This is what I have but I cannot seem to match anything up to what I find on the net.


Wires I have from the factory harness.






Light Green




I have no White wire which all the diagrams I have found show im suppose to have one, and no one shows a Lt. Green wire.. I am banging my head against my tailgate trying to figure this out. Hopefully someone can help me out here and tell me what is what here !!!

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