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Turbo Quick Spool Valve

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I haven't used one of these valves myself,but a friend of mine has one on his GN.I think it was invented by one of the Supra guys.This thing is amazing!I couldn't believe the difference in spool up time.Normally for a track only car running a really big turbo was not that big a problem.All you needed was a trans brake,high stall converter and/or NOS.All of these parts work great but they are very hard on drivetrain parts and make the vehicle less streetable.The guys that have the biggest problem with spooling their turbo are the ones with rear mount setups.Obviously the farther back the turbo is from the engine the more time it will take to spool.The main idea with this valve is that you use dual channel exhaust housing.When the valve is closed one of the channels is blocked.This makes the exhaust housing a lot smaller,which causes the turbo to spool much quicker.Once the car is into full boost the actuator opens the valve and you get full power from a large exhaust housing.As you can see in the video you can control the rate at which the valve opens to make it optimum for your setup.It works well on the street also for saving parts as the turbo doesn't hit so hard and it helps with traction for street tires as the valve can be setup to open fully once you are at a speed were your tires will hook.The valve is not cheap,not that any parts in the FI world are,but if you are handy you can build your own.I've read a number of articles were guys have made their own from used parts.


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I have one and modified it to use as a vacuum actuated cut out. When I upgrade the exhaust housing on my turbo to a dual scroll, I plan on running a second one as it is intended. Unless I change my exhaust to a true dual feeding each scrolls independently. It works the on the same principle as a waste gate... So its not exactly tuneable... The issue that I have seen is price. People are willing to pay upwards of 300$ for an intake that adds maybe 5 HP but frown upon 450$ that dramatically adds power under the curve and makes peak power of over 50hp sooner. Weird.


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