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Torque Management

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Mr. P. could you pass on some information to me about amount of Torque Management that should be taken out of tuned Pcm, with Transgo HD2-C Shift Kit, Hardened Separator plate,.500 Boost Valve, Corvette 2nd and Superior Billet 4th, Billet Accumulators and 1 added washer. My HPM E-Fans that I purchased from you are still working great. Thanks for your help.

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Hi - I promise I did answer your PM, several nights ago. :dunno:


I can't give specifics on how much torque management to run, because I have no idea exactly what mods have been done to the valve body (in addition to the shift kit) or main drum, and those details matter. But as general guidelines go:


There are two sets of settings - "torque management", and "Abuse mode"; I disable Abuse mode completely. The factory gets excessive with Torque management settings in the PCM (65% reduction wow!) and that is just too much, however I DO NOT recommend that it be completely disabled, totally. TM is not a bad thing, the problem is that the factory abuses it as a workaround to a substandard trans for the application in a heavy-assed truck IMO. You do want some TM in your daily driving tune, not enough to slow you down but enough to "take the edge off the shift" so to say; the exact amount to implement will vary from truck to truck, depending on what converter you have installed, where the shift points are, how strong the motor is (power adders?), how you have your accumulators set up, base line pressure in the trans, whether you are 2WD or AWD, etc. But I would begin with 15%, and lower that value from there in little increments. The reason why is, even though you have a bullet-proof transmission, the pinion bearings in both axles and the transfer case will take a battering as the motor hammers the trans with full timing, and after 5+ years of driving like that it will contribute greatly to transfer case chain stretch and axle bearing woes, that is assuming the transmission takes the brunt. Leave in just enough TM to not really notice in daily driving, but not so much as to slow the truck down between shifts. Leave the pressure tables stock, and set shift timings to either 0.2-seconds or zero adaptive shift timings altogether. With these settings you can still have a truck with a sporty feel in daily driving and limit the wear on the rest of the drivetrain (because after a while one just gets tired fixing that stuff all the time!). Another recommendation, is to re-purpose the T/H transmission settings for "full performance" and set the TM to zero in the Performance columns in the TM tables (along with raised shift points, zeroed adaptive shift times, etc) and that way you can have maximum performance on demand, while saving wear/tear on your rig when you're not in "war mode"


IF you have a bullet-proof transmission with billet shafts and Blue Plate clutches, then sure yeah okay you can go ahead and totally disable TM and the trans will still hold together, *however* you will still wear the hell out of your transfer case for sure, and probably accellerate U-joints & axle pinion bearings failure.


Note - this advice does not apply to Pimp SS, because he's always in "war mode" and would just leave the T/H button on all the time anyways. :jester:


Mr. P. :)

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