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Transmission Upgrades

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so i want to get things for my stock transmission to pro long its life and also to.... "take care of it"


first.... going to get the Tru-Cool MAX transmission cooler.


anything else you guys recommend?


with this heat i feel like my transmission is bogging out. "sluggish"


i want to make a list so i can hand it to my mechanic so he can jump on this.


thanks guys!

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vette servos....dont have any part #'s but if u do a search u should be able to get it squared away......as far as shift kits i believe the transgo kits r good but i do not run one with my set up so i dont have any personal experience but i know a lot of members run them...G/L

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are you stock? are you looking to go faster? if your looking for a little more pep in your trans get a shift kit. i ran a transgo hd2 for a while before my trans roasted over but it was fun while it lasted. go with a shift kit and for sure get the tru-cool max cooler if your just looking for more fun

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