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Plate, Hardlines, And Solenoids


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Okay I built this over a year ago for my personal project and sold the truck to a buddy. The nitrous was never used and everything was purchased new. The nitrous solenoid and fuel solenoid are the old style stainless bosy NX solenoids (I have had them awhile) and the purge is a nitrous outlet brand. The hardlines are 3an stainless hardlines. the brackets are made of .100" 5052 aluminum that are polished. The system is wired into a 4 way weather pack connector and I have the other have with the pigtail. The solenoids tops are painted pewter. I can repaint them any color. I have a ton of time in this and don't have to sell it as I can use it on my LS powered s-10.


Everything was built on a 99-02 truck intake and cable TB... I know it will fit a 03-07 classic intake but one line will need to be attached and slightly bent upward to clear the larger electronics on the TB.



Package includes the following


NX stainless iceman N2O and Fuel solenoids with painted top and polished base

Nitrous outlet Purge with painted top and polished base

stainless N20, FUEL, and Purge lines with black B-nuts (3 lines total) polished

5052 aluminum polished brackets

Nitrous outlet plate with all jets (never had liquid through it)

Polished nitrous filter


315 shipped FIRM you cover the paypal fee or send as a gift














you can also look at Brians system as it is the same (2BFAST)



The plake kit alone is 300 bucks from nitrous outlet. So for the extra 100 you are getting the nitrous, fuel and purge solenoids, hardlines, and brackets...

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you can also look at Brians system as it is the same (2BFAST)


My system came from the ideas from this setup he is selling....so essentially yes almost the same


Pic of the purge



Old pic on the first test fit......




Passenger side (fuel side)




Better one of both lines and plate during a wiring re-loom session :banghead:




Shitty pics of mine, but you get the idea compared to his. Definatly a trick setup and will be an attention getter to whoevers truck this kit gets installed on

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Okay guys... Price is 350.00 shipped FIRM...


You are getting a new plate (has been bolted up but not used) and all jetting with it

Stainless hard lines that are polished with Black B-nuts

NX Iceman Polished and painted (pewter) solenoids

Nitrous Outlet polished and painted purge

All wired to a 4 way weather pack pigtail

Polished aluminum brackets.

I will throw in a 16ft -4 nitrous mainline and 2 Tyco relays for wiring the system.


its like buying the plate with the cost of shipping and getting everything else for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay the guy that said he would buy it is ignoring my messages on another forum... I still have this... Someone shoot me an offer.


All you would need is a 8in fuel supply line (4an), a button or WOT switch, and a bottle.


So for another 150.00 give or take you could have a kick ass looking system.

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