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Picked Up My Ss 20'S Today


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So Saturday, Carl taught me how to do the bumper gap mod. We got that completed, and I like my bumper cover alot better now. We done a few touch ups under the hood, and called it a day. Today, I got the call from the wheel shop today to come get my wheels. Ran and got em put on, stop by Advance Auto and got some Black Box (cause I dont know how to use the mean stuff, and Im on a budget lol), then came home and washed it real good. In the morning, Im going to polish a good one, and maybe take it to the cruise in, in town Saturday. Enjoy the picsof the new wheels, and the bumper gap mod......



Before the wash.


Close up of the rims


After the wash, and before being dried.





After being dried, but before the Black Box






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Dam it's looking nice


How much did they cost u?


I want to get the 22s on black and drop my Ss but not enough money right now

I'm not one to tell what stuff cost me, but what I will say is you can get them cheaper at performancetire.com. I bought local just in case I had any problems. I started waxing this morning at 6:30 this morning, and now its started raining. I feel like a looney tunes character with what was cpming out of my mouth lol Sent from my Motorola Milestone using Tapatalk Edited by jddmj (see edit history)
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Thanks guys. I spent yesterday evening washing it, and got up at 6:30 polishing the whole truck. Now its started raining with wax left on the truck. I guess Ill have to let it dry up good, get the rest of it off, and hit the whole truck with some detail spray.

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