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New Houston Member With A 6.0 Swap

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as the title says im a new member here just got my truck motor swapped from the 5.4 to an escalade 6.0 i already love the pull of the 6.0 even with no power adders yet my goal for the truck are thirteens at the track and naturally aspirated with a nasty cam that can be dd.my first track outing the truck ran 15.0-15.1 consistently i never thought i could have so much fun in a automatic fat ass truck like mine but im hooked and already looking for ways to get closer to the goal anyone with any advice on getting rid of wheel hop or just how to get this thing to hook would be greatly appreciated i will be do some digging threw the forum today looking for suspension upgrades.so with that whats up everybody whos running the fast trucks in houston.

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Welcome! i live in houston and visit pearland frequently. mods are in my sig, i run 13.5's


start beefing up the tranny now, and then id go from there. if i had to do it all over again.


post up some pics, maybe ive seen ur truck around. Chevy_anim.gifChevy_anim.gif

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