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Ss Vs Avalanche

Joe Louis

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My wife is giving me a hard time because I chose the SS over the Avalanche I have a six year old boy and one on the way she is 6 months pregnant. She liked the avalanche because it has four doors and better gas mileage with the 5.3 over the 6.0 but since I am planning to purchase a toy hauler so that's why I went with the bigger 6.0. I explain to her the the ext cab isn't that small. Help what else could I say? I'm not that creative. LOL

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i got my SS at the same time my friend with 1 kid and one in the way got his avalanche LTZ and his kid fits alot better in the LTZ than on my SS but his kid messed up his ltz really badly its dirty he threw up on it a couple of times chips and drinks always falling its just a mess. this is a new LTZ


i say u stick with your SS and get an old suv for the family cuz kids will be kids and they will drop stuff and throw up.

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While my truck was being serviced I asked my dealership if the 2007 model SS would be awd again or just rwd (if they went back to awd I was getting an 07). He wasnt sure and I also asked him about the SSC because I saw a Silverado out in Amherst with those badges. He said its just a graphic but its a "street sport" or "super street" and he said "that truck has nothing on yours."


Thats what happens when you have too much anastesia, you forget stuff. I completely forgot about Amherst sighting in 2005. :banghead:

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