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Wtb Volant Intake 06 Ss


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Have been looking around for intakes and i have come up with that i would like to try out a volant intake for my silverado ss 06 i saw on ebay they are going for around 300 and i fimaliar with forums and the way they work i am really big into the car audio so i have been on those forums for a couple years and i know that you can always find a better deal on these forums instead.


Also looking for idea about programmers or custom tunes i am not real big with either so i am trying to learn more about them. This is my first real vechile that i have actually wanted to do anything to.

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Just keep an eye out in the F/S section. I don't see them pop up often but they do come up. I think there is a AEM intake F/S in there now. As for the tune...forget the programmer and got with a custom tune. There are plenty of posts about tunes on here. You can go with Zippy, Wheatley or a Black Bear tune. Everyone has their preferences.

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They are the vendors. If you look at the left of your screen their links are there. You do not have to take it to them if you are not close to them. They will just send you a new tuned PCM. Click on their links to find out more about their processes.

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