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Southeast Showdown?


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Hey did anyone attend the southeast showdown in anderson this weekend? ill post some pics up, but the main pic i wanted so bad was im guessing gmc and ford came together and created a new truck? i wanted to get a picture so bad but i ran out of memory on my card! this was a gmc single cab truck that overall had a good paint job, but this thing had ss badges all over it! plus! plus on the doors where a reall ss logo would go this had RAPTOR/SS just like that the way i just typed it! please tell me some one from here saw this thing? the poor guy i wanted so bad to ask him but i was afraid i would either slap him or die from laughter as he gave me the story on the gmc raptor ss it really looked like ford painted it the raptor colors and gmc used the truck and ss was raped into it!! oh well his money his truck!

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