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What Do You Guys Think?


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This is the original 06 SS i was looking at some of you may have read about. Hence my name (I had to think of something lol)




I already put a deposit down on the truck.. I just have to wait for the loan to go through.


My bank is giving me some problems with the loan but if it goes through this puppy will be sitting in my driveway. fingersx.gif


Let me know what you all think. I know its on fleabay but the truck is like 40 minutes away from my house.


its not AWD but its clean as hell


OH and im paying 15k for it. confused.gif

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06's man cuz of the hood and grille difference from 03-05. SilveradoEsEs just lost his in N. DFW, TX. I lost my 06 etc. Keep her safe man!


thanks for the heads up man... Lojack it is then thumb.gif

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The link wont work anymore so Im guessing you bidded and won.........First mod, go purcahse a big ass storage tent to keep it under. Then people driving by wont see it driving by. Its the ones who see you pulling in and out to you have to worry about. Does it come with a alarm system? Even Lo-jack trucks have been stolen so dont put all your trust in that.

Congrats on the purchase! :chevrolet:

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