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Nnbs Intake ? Question (90Mm)

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aok guys i recently bought a nnbs 07+ intake manifold with fuel rails, and the 4 bolt tb... and had some questions... can i use my stock injectors of my 2006 on this intake? do i need to buy the dr x link? or this there another way to connect the tb? wat else do i need to buy?/


and is it the same as the tbss intake? i found out they have the same part number...


i preciate the help guys thanks


balta ss

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Does that NNBS intake manifold have square intake ports?? If so you need NNBS heads to use a NNBS intake manifold. I could be wrong but as far as I know all LQ9s have cathedral intake ports and the NNBS have square intake ports. Im pretty sure a TBSS has cathedral ports like the LQ9s which is why people swap them. Where as I think people that use NNBS intake manifolds swap to L92 heads or equivalent which have square intake ports. Basically if Im correct the NNBS intake manifold you bought wont work with the stock LQ9 heads you will have to swap heads too. The TBSS intake mainfold will work with the LQ9 heads. And as far as an X link im pretty sure you will need one to use the 4 bolt throttle body.

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