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Amp Rack

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Whatever you do make sure those vents still function, they are critical for proper/safe air bag deployment.


Mr. P.


Ya If you plug them you should learn how to read lips now, in case of an accident ...


The only thing a Guy can do is build new vents around you stereo gear. Lots of work. I've done mine and it helped a bit, but o have Exhaust drone anyways so I just turn the stereo up.

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Well I am torn down and ready to install am amp rack. What do I do with the cab vents??



You can make little ducts and ducted to the sides or reuse the stock rubber duct and reverse it if your not worried about presentation . That's what I have to do with my setup. Going to dynamat and ensolite the inside of aluminum ducts to reduce outside noise.



Just analzed my vents with the trims and going to duct to the sides and down, the depth staying tight to the trim pieces. Going to be competing and the little things count. Plus I love doing this shit. Check out the progress http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n616/highvoltamps/

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I have been reading as many posts as I can about cab vents. From what I gathered they serve a function not to mention the air bag deploy. The passenger one is the troubled one. It makes the most noise to the point everyone including myself thinks its a loose window or door seal. I stuck dyna mat over most of that one and left the drivers side one pretty much open. Wow is it quite now. much less wind noise.




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Now I am on to rear seat folding mod.

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