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Headlight Restore


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i know that probably everyone knows how to do this BUT i had to finally do it today because my lights were yellow and just wernt clear at all! so an hour and 15 minutes later i finished one light. IT LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif i feel so acomplished now! it looks brand new i'll post pics later if anybody is intersted

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ok i'll post pics guys.


i started with a 3M headlight restore compound mainly to clean the surface, i already had it so it was just overkill really

then i started wet sanding with an 800 grit sandpaper and did so for about 15 minutes

next i went to a 1000 grit sand paper and kept wet sanding for about 10 minutes

then i used a 2000 grit and sanded for 15-20 minutes

i started finishing up my using a rubbing compund to get the last of the scratches out

and i sealed with a wax


i know it took awhile and the length of time i spend sanding in each stage was maybe overkill but im in college and bored so i could afford to take my time. it got dark on me before i could snap a pic of the completly finished product but i'll make sure that one goes up tomorrow after class

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Wow, that's a huge difference. Now do the corners. smash.gif


thanks man! i was gunna work on the rest today after class but it got too cold to wet sand lol i hope it warms up so i can finish the rest!


and thanks The_aSSet for getting the pics on the thread!

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