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Stock Motor Finally Gone

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Well, as a few of you already know my motor finally crapped out on me last week on my way home. I was messing around with a new body style Bullet Mustang on the highway and next thing I know I'm pouring smoke all over the place and oil and coolant are going everywhere. At first I thought I had blown a head gasket or lifted a head but after further inspection its a bit more serious than that. I havent been able to pull the motor out of the truck and inspect it fully, right now I only have the passenger side head off but here are some pics of what I found. Ill keep you guys updated as I get the motor out and tear the rest of it down.


Number 7 spark plug was my first indication that I might have bigger problems :P




As you can see, #6 has been "massaging" my exhaust valve and #8 has some pretty good sized chunks of metal in the cylinder....




This is the crap that was in #8




The head doesnt look TOO bad, but not in the greatest shape. And no the metal in #8 DID NOT come from the head.




Im still not sure where or what the mystery metal is and no I havent tested it to see if its magnetic or not. I got as much done this passed Tuesday that I could before I ran out of light and didnt bother pulling the other head with it in the truck since the whole damn thing has to come out anyway. Enjoy! :)

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where did the metal come from, did you find out yet?

Not yet, with school and work it's hard to find time to make any progress. I did finally figure out that the metal is mostly aluminum, with a few pieces of something magnetic here and there

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Now I understand why member "8 UR HMI" was saying your truck went "kaboom." Sorry to hear this buddy, you had a helluva setup. Try looking around for a used L92 in a junkyard, thatll be a beast with your Procharger. :chevrolet:

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