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Rear Brakes Sticking


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installed ebc rotors and pads on the rear of my 03 ss today and stainless brake lines,blead the lines and everything was fine so i went for a test drive,the first one since i put the tru trac in yesterday and i didnt make it out of the shop parkinglot and it was like something was holding me.at first i thought it was something with rearend so i put it nack on the lift and started checking and the rearend was fine.truned out the rear brakes were locked up so i forced it and went down the street thinking they would whare in but they didnt and i didnt want to keep getting them hot.anybody got any ideas or had this happened them

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with the bleeding i started the farthest away from the master cylinder and went around a few times,nothing but clean fluid.i think the pistons are not releasing.i had to pry the pads and cailiper off the rotor.i gess ill rebuild them.i rebuilt the front cailipers after i powder coated them and put the same pads,rotors,and lines on the front and no problem there.

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Did you apply grease to the slider pins and to the rails on the caliper? I have a friend that had a similar issue on his truck after he installed new rotors and pads. He did clean the caliper and in doing so removed lube from the slider and rails. I got the wheel off and went to pry the caliper and it wouldn't move. I then shot some spray lube in the pins and gave it a hit with a dead blow hammer and it broke free.


I then took both calipers off, lubed the rails and sliders and put them back on. He hasn't had a problem with them since then and it's been over 2 yrs.

If you didn't lube them up good, I would lube them and re-bleed the brakes since the calipers might not have been functioning right when you blead them in the first place.


Another thing to check is the spacing between the rotor and caliper. If there is too much space (thinner rotor) the piston could have came to far out of it's bore and wedged itself.

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