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Aftermath Of A Huge Buck Running Into My Truck


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So on sunday I was driving back to my apartment at college which is 2 hours away from home, I was going 70 mph, and right as i was about to go onto a bridge a HUGE buck ran out of the ditch and railed my truck! due to the guard rails being there I couldnt swerve or anything, I can't open my drivers door and there is now a nice breeze in my truck haha.


On the bright side of things 2 months ago my back passenger side brake blew up and sprayed brake fluid everywhere destroying the clear coat, and insurance approved to cover that 2 months ago but my appointment was set up for thanksgiving brake, bottom line $500 for upwards of $7500 in work! THE WHOLE TRUCK IS GETTING PAINTED! and maybe some new cleared out headlights! :)










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As a deer hunter, I want to see pictures of the deer lol





I've dodged a few already this year but my closest call yet came this morning and it was a miniature horse on the loose :idiot:


It's opening weekend coming up here in WI for gun-deer so I'll be out thinning the herd to keep'm off our trucks!


Safe hunting to the other hunters on the site

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