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Wtb: A Better Winter Rim/Tire Combo


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Id really love some stock 20's with winter tires! What are some good options out there, used, for not much cost? What style rims can I search for from Z71 o other 6 lug that will be good?


I have sierra rims painted black (chipping all to hell) and some worn out AT's


I cant bring myself to put them on again, lol


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks fellas :pepsicheer:


heres what im working with:





Lol how about this one. SO happy I dont live on a dirt road anymore


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I have American Racing Torque Thrust ST 18inch rims I am trying to sell locally....if your really interested PM me. Same width as stock 8.5, I would put Bridgestone Blizzaks on not even a question if your worried about traction. When i drove in the snow in 05 I was drifting the truck sideways down roads so traction wasnt an issue, it was all about inertia and power sliding.

They do not make these rims anymore in this size, only 20s and 22s I believe.

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I have trumped u all lol .i bought a full set 17 silverado aluminum alloy with toyo's for 450.00


lol. I'm in my winter wheels and tires 85.00.... The tires were bought off a local site for 75 bucks and my friend picked them up on his way to my house so I gave him 10 bucks for gas. The tires are Big O A/T's. Literally look to be new without nubs only. Wheels were a freebie that are off my neighbors tahoe, so stock 17's. They work great! I suggest this route to anyone who isn't running a big brake kit.

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i know my American Racing rims fit on 99-02 Sierra's, and guessing they will on the 99-02 Silverado also, vice versa (rims off those older trucks should fit on ours just brake clearance might be an issue). Im just not sure about the new nnbs trucks and their lug patterns.

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Picked up a set of 4 of these bad boys, mounted on PC'ed chevy wheels with 3000 miles on them. Not a bad CL find for $550!



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