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Tranmission Noise?

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Hey Fellas. I know I don't technically belong in this forum because I do not own an SS, but I was really hoping for some input on my transmission noise I have going on with my '04 silverado. (5.3L, 4L60E). Here's the problem; Insanely annoying whine. The problem occurs when engine is cold temperature, I can hear the noise on inital start-up, shifting from park to drive or reverse, and when in drive the noise occurs inbetween shifts mostly. After The temperature guage starts moving off cold towards the middle, the noise stops. I had my truck off the ground and a helper shift gears while I was under the truck. I know the noise is coming from the front of the transmission. Please help me with any possible solutions. Greatly appreciated. _Mike

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I've been told that it could be the the torque converter or the front pump. I'm not familar with diagnosising tranny probs. I did pull the pan down and it looked like I have tiny gold flakes in the fluid. Im pretty scared about taking apart the transmission. I havent been inside a transmission except for the 2x in trade school.


Sounds like the front pump?

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My noise complaint was caused by a bad bushing inside my torque converter. Dec. 26 started slipping in 2 gear. Dec 27 pulled trans.I bought a rebuild kit, the beast sunshell, new aluminum accumulator pistons, steels nd frictions, new 2-4band, as well as a shift kit and torque convertor. I mistakenly didn't correctly instal the linkage to the manul valve after I had to loosen the bolts t the valve body to align the gasket better. That's when the linkage came disconnected bc I made sure checkbals were in place. Jan 3. Installed trans. Learned truck moves forward in every gear p,r,n,d. Pulled pan jan. 4 found linkage disconnected at manual valve. Had to lower valve body and connect linkage. So far so good only put few miles on her.

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