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Aeromotive 340 Fuel Pumps Stealth


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these have a total of maybe 10 miles on them. i used zip ties to hold the filters on more securely cause i didnt like how they were designed with the clip on washer. the filters turned dark because of the e85 fuel , for some reason they do that with e85 but they are 100% functional 100% money back guarantee !!

$130 each or $220 for the pair



















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i would like to run these but im just not willing to pull my bed off again to replace the two 255 i have on now, just no need for it , im making plenty of fuel now with the 2 255's. i had put these in when i did my return fuel system. i had a fuel pressure problem that i couldnt figure out for like a month i tried everything including replacing the pumps. even after replacing these pumps i still had the problem . my problem ended up being a clogged fuel filter....sigh1.gif ... that is why these are now for sale i have 2 brand new pumps in the tank that i didnt need thanks to a clogged fuel filter.

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