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hey everyone! Im not really new to the site, been a member for a little while but haven't actually spent alot of time here. I dont own an SS but I do own a 2000 Silverado regular cab. I REALLY love my truck! I dont think ill ever be without a Chevy truck! I bought it back in 05 with 60k on it. It now has 298k with the original 4.8 and original tranny! My truck HAS NEVER FAILED ME or left me stranded! I have never had to replace anything major, except from the usual starter, alternator, tune up, etc... Since day 1 I already started modifying it. As of now its Kandy Apple Red, sittin on 22s with a 5-7 drop, ss style front bumper and roll pan, Baer 14in BBK, flowmaster, and a decent sound system. Im looking to upgrade the motor and maybe a blower (or turbo, any suggestions anyone?) but as of now I really want to upgrade the brakes to the hydro boost system. Can anyone help me out with any info on it? Like where to get it? (new or used) Can I get it from another truck? if so, which one? would I have to modify anything? All help would be appreciated!

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