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This Is Why I'M Broke Dot Com


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I need that walk on water ball, but use it on land also.....too many damn surgeries, just call me bubble boy :thumbs:


I want that underwater scooter, I will really have to get the salt life sticker and JKP's boost life sticker to throw on that bad boy. That site is great eek.

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Did you guys see the car jack that pumps up using your cars exhaust?? No way in hell would i get under a car that was lifted up by that, no way!


The thing I want the most on the entire site is the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit!! That thing is so awesome but its $350 and I think they are only selling 200 of them total.

My best friends wife works for Gerber, I wonder if she could get me one at a discount.

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