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Haha ebay has good recommendations! LOL


What's interesting about that truck is its got a powerdyne supercharger which you rarely see on SS's. At least its the XB-11 not the crappy BD11A belt driven one thats known for breaking.

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Well I wouldn't call it a steal because the reserve price hasn't been met and we don't know what the seller has that set at. If he's like most people, it's probably stupid high like $22K. Nice truck though. Ad said it has the ss spoiler and it looks like it has part of the ISS spoiler on the back. Kind of weird somene wouldn't put the spoiler end pieces on.

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The ebay site probably recommended this from caching in your browser but none the less, its pretty sweet.

:withstupid: I get how the ads work. I just thought it was a really nice find.


@Jason* - I'll have another one again...eventually. Right now though, I am actually looking for a donor 57 Chevy pickup to start a project.

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