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Wtb: Keyess Entry Remote?


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Not sure what your talking about..can't you just take any Gm keyless entry remote and program it to your vehicle.


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which one? number on back

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I just bought a cheap one off ebay. I googled the number for my year truck to get the right one. Then using these instructions i got off the net, programmed it myself. Easy peasy. It works great.



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ya i got the ones off of ebay and the numbers do need to match except for the big alone 1or2 that is just for the seat settings i think

I forgot about the 1/2 seat setting in the code. I only needed one so it didn't the matter.

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the 1/2 seat setting doesn't matter because when you program a new key fob you have to reprogram the other one too. for me my original #1 became seat setting number 2. so it all matters in what order you program them

Yea, shit, you're right. I remember that now from the program link i posted.

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