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Green Idiot Light On Instrument Panel


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I was out of town tonight shopping and on my way home this weird green light came on in the left side of the instrument panel. It looked like a miniature speedometer with an arrow pointing to the 10 oclock position. I had just powered through a 45 mph curve at 65 when it came on and stayed on for about 5 minutes. I used search and didn't find anything of what this is.


Coincidentally when i got back to town, i stopped at the gas station for smokes. When i came back out the the truck would only click. I had full voltage on the guage and good headlights. A friend was there so we tried to jump it. Still just clicked. I did rapid clicks and he said the starter was smoking. Could this be related?

I had never had an issue with the starter.

Towed to the shop. Sigh

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Sounds like you need to check your battery connections and clean them. Sounds like a bad ground, that light on the dash sounds like the cruise control light when its turned on. Might have come on due to a bad connection to the battery.

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Never seen that cruise light before. Must be a woman and finally got turned on again. lol


Brand new battery with good connections. Solenoid on the starter sounds smoked. Must be a man taking the weekend off and drinking beer.

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