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Remote Start Question

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I purchased a remote start that ties in with the factory keyless entry. I have it all installed except for the activation wire, it has to be a negative pulse"ground" I have asked local shops and they are saying tie it to the door lock wire but thats not working.... Anyone done this before or ideas? basically when i press lock on my keyless entry 3 times it starts the truck

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Tough to get a negative lock signal. Might be able to get one in the drivers door module and solder on the the ribbon cable. Or right off the lock motor wire and relaying the reverse polarity feed to a ground pulse is the best bet. All this requires some skill though, not a novice type job.


Or you could just hook to the parklight wire which is negative(grey/black at the switch or bcm), but if you unlock the truck twice or the alarm goes off, it'll start.


Which bypass are you using?


The best advice I can give you is to get a better starter with a remote, better range, more features.

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