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Fs M&H Racemasters Dr'S And Rims

blackbeast ss

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im selling my used m&h 325/45/17 dr's,these have 8 burnouts and 8 drag passes and dead hooked with about 434 hp to the wheels.also selling stock chevy aluminum rims that were mounted on these radials but liked the black look better.i know shipping is gonna be killer so these are the options........ local pick up in las vegas or i will be in los angeles norwalk or south gate area for christmas 24/25/26 visiting family and can drop them off if someone from LA is interested.im asking $$200 for both dr's and $$50 for both aluminum rims.i payed 50 for each rim and 250 for each tire....NOT SELLING THE BLACK CRAGER RIMS






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Saweet tires. I want to add some really nice tires down the line exactly like these, stupid question but are these legal for street use or just track use (my truck does not see rain or any elements except some sun)? Im still learning alot about drag racing vs street use. Thank you sir.

I love the phrase "wheel hop from hell" :pepsicheer::chevrolet:

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