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A little bit of racing and tire shredding. In montana.


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Every year a buddy of mine rents out a old air port base where we get to run our cars and have a blase. it a pretty big track where in my buddys evo we hit 140 in the back stretch. well after lunch we all wanted to mess around and try so donuts.


Heres my buddys evo ripping it up. once this car gets to whipping around it does tight cookies. Nothing like a AWD donut.



Heres a slammed silverado with a 5.3. its a sweet looking truck. this is another friend of mine. this truck is super clean. keep in mind it was 100 plus outside so the tires really wanted to stick.








Heres my other buddys boosted subaru RS. its built quite a bit and runs good. he was having issues getting it to whip around. once again the track was just way to hot. 100+ degrees out.




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Those are some sick videos man. That silvy is very clean. I also really like that evo



Also wish we had a setup like that around here somewhere


yeah its a blast. its big track. heres a video of another car running around the track. this car is decent but its just a stock S2000 so its not hauling to fast. im just posting a video just to show you how big the track is.

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i know your truck is down right now or i think it is anyway, but do you ever take your truck on it?

I have never taken the SS to that track. for a few reasons. One being i have always had a car that would out perform the SS in corners and handling. another reason is the becuase in the past i couldnt trust the tranny. sense i have owned the truck i have never taken it on the highway or interstate in the 6 years ive had. the tranny started to act up the first time on me and i was 1800 miles from home and sense then i never taken it out of town until last summer after i did the 80 swap i too kit on a few cruises.

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that place is huge i really wish we did have something like that around here i know there are plenty of people that would be interested

yeah its a blast. for a small town its has a decent turn out every year. plus its quite cheap compair to the bigger tracks. $35 dollars to run your car all day as much as you want. Or in most cases as much as your car can take. the biggest issue we run into it brake fade. a lot of guys just go and go not giving there brakes a chance to cool down. i seen a few cars crack rotors. even a guy in a vette smoked his brakes at the track and they were new brakes.
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