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F/s: 2-Borla XR-1 mufflers


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Bought these a few months ago and have decided to install a corsa diesel muffler instead. Guy I bought them from said they have about 15-20 track passes on them from his drag car, no street miles. Not sure on the borla part number but I'll look it up, these are the oval case, 4" in/out and 12" case length. I was going to run them back to back on my truck but would just rather buy another corsa. I will include 2-4" turn downs along with them. Would like to get $200 plus shipping for the pair with the turndowns. Text for fastest response 903-918-9380. Thanks





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BigCountry tried one out a couple years ago and didn't care for it, I think he said it was too loud for his taste or something, can't remember and I can't find his sound clips either but I still want to go the corsa route instead. If I don't sell these by the time I get the 80e swap done theyll be going on the truck to see how I like them. If I like them I'll keep them, if not I'll post them back up and buy the corsa diesel. Id like to find his sound clips though because I forgot what the diesel muffler sounded like on a gasser.

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Yeah if you find em msg me them too as I'm curious. My corsa sport muffler is screwed so I need to either buy a replacement or do a whole new exhaust, which might be better because of the drop. I gotta figure some stuff out to see if I can run these.

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